Philippines Real Estate Database, FAQ

Philippines Real Estate Database, FAQ


I'm not getting my receive confirmation e-mail of member registration

If the member registration URL outgoing mail at the time of membership registration does not reach, it will be considered the possibility of following.

[If you are using a personal computer]
(1)Is wrong The entered e-mail address
Check the e-mail address, please re-register it again from the beginning.

(2)It has been distributed to the junk mail folder or Trash
Depending on the security software and e-mail software you use,
Or is automatically distributed to the junk mail folder or the trash, there is a possibility that has been deleted.
Confirm the junk mail folder and security software maker, please set the domain of the following as a possible recipient domains.

(3)Your e-mail BOX or the capacity of the server exceeds the limit
On the use of e-mail environment of confirmation, please delete unnecessary data or increase the capacity of the mailbox.

(4)Receiving of e-mail has been delayed in the communication state of the provider
You can either confirm the receipt of the mail from at a time, please contact Puropaida.

[In the case of mobile phone]
Even if you have not set up such as the reception refusal of junk e-mail protection, e-mail from other than the mobile phone may have been the standard set so that it does not receive. After the status of the use of the terminal of reception setting of confirmation, please set as capable of receiving domain [@].
※How to set, please check your phone's manual. If you have any questions, please ask to the mobile phone company of your contract.